Custom Shirts and Hoodies by Uniquely Delightful

There are a lot of ways to decorate garments. A lot. We've tried a bunch of them them. After trying a bunch of different ways to decorate garments, we settled on three that allows us to offer one shirt minimums, and lots of creative options.

Need six shirts? No problem. Need three hoodies? We can do that.


Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation is a very permanent process that feels great and has outstanding life expectancy. That is because the fibers are permanantly dyed. Because it changes the colors of the fabric itself, it does not add any stiffness to the garment. Dye sublimation is full color.

The downside to dye sublimation is that it only works on 100% polyester white shirts.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl has options no other process has: Sparkle, Holographic, Reflective, Metalic and more. The colors are vibrant and it will last a very long time with little or no fading. Heat transfer vinyl works on any type of fabric or color even nylon. Each layer of vinyl is one color so it is possible to do mulitple colors in a design - though anything more than four colors is not realistic.

The downside to vinyl is that it is not full color and it does add stiffness to the garment. The larger the design, the more stiffness.
print to cut full color

Print to Cut

Our latest addition is print to cut. Using our latex printer, we print your picture or your design and then using the plotter cut the design out. It is then heat applied to the garment. It is a full color process great for photos and memorial shirts. The process is very permanent and is available on all fabrics (except nylon) and on color of shirt.

The downside to print to cut is that it is more expensive and does add some stiffness to the garment - about the same as screen printing.

We do not offer screen printing. We've thought about it but decided to position ourselves in the market differently. Most screen printers have a 24 unit minimum. We have a one unit minimum. Screen printing is the way to go if you need 200 shirts with only one or two colors. If you only need a handful of shirts, give us a call.