Custom and Personalized Embroidery
Why we obsess over embroidery

Custom Personalized Embroidery

Ambulance shirt embroidery
We offer embroidery on polo shirts, fleece, hoodies, sweatshirts and hats. If you need a name on a backpack or a company logo on shirt, we can do that.

How does embroidery work? We take your logo or design into a special program that converts graphics to stitches. This process is called digitizing. A lot of embroiders send their digitizing out. It would be easier and often faster if we had someone else do this work. However, I want complete control over the process so I do all the conversion - digitizing - work myself.

The program does a lot of the work for me; but invariably I will fine tune what the program comes up with. And sometimes I have to completely rebuild the design inside the digitizing program.

After I digitize the design we do a trial stitch on scrap fabric. This often results in more tweaks. And we will repeat this process until we are completely happy with the results. It is not unusual to make three or more tests to get the best results. Then I will adjust thread density and thread pull for the type of fabric. Then we finally put the embroidery. on your garment.

We understand what can and cannot be done with embroidery. Let our experience take your designs into stitches.

custom embroidery on a jacket